• Product code: YOG
  • Product certification: none
  • Establishment certification: none

Description: Product obtained from whole cow’s milk, pasteurized and specific lactic

Ingredients: Milk, lactic ( streptococcus thermophiles, lactobacillus bulgaricus) sugar.
Flavour component can be added as specified on the label.

Destination: For all consumers with the exception of infants and special medical purposes

Seasoning: It is ready for consumption immediately after its preparation

Shelf life: It maintains its characteristics up to 15 days.

Nutritional facts indicative values at 1 day

Energetic valueKcal/kj
of which Saturated fatg/100g
of which Sugarsg/100g

MICROBIOLOGICAL LIMITS: Listeria m. absent in 25g

SELLING FORMAT: It is sold in cups of about 370 gr

CONSERVATION:  To be kept in fridge at a temperature of +2°C to +4°C

ALLERGENS: Cow’s milk, cream and other eventual components indicated on the label.

GLUTENS: Establishment does not use products containing gluten.

GMO: Product does not derive from nor contain GMO